Participatory approaches are used to design interactive systems, services and products to improve their impact and usability. However, these approaches are not always suitable for people with cognitive limitations such as dementia. This workshop will focus on participatory approaches for working with people living with dementia, challenge assumptions and provide concrete examples to inform design and technology development. Participants will review current design and technology offerings and work towards the development of a shared research agenda for future work. The workshop will explore how to negotiate the need for inclusion, personalization, and scalability to accommodate the growing needs in dementia. It will focus on setting an inclusive agenda for developments in Design and HCI in the ‘here and now’ to build sustainable approaches for the future.


8.30-9.00: Walk in and coffee
9.00-9.30: Welcome, introductions (through speed dating) and scope of workshop
9.30-10.30: What have we got to offer, exploring the current state Design and Dementia based on papers submitted by participants
10.30-11.00: Coffee Break and networking opportunities
11.00-12.30: What next for Design and Dementia – blue ocean thinking or acknowledging legacies? Discussion of participatory approaches and authentic collaboration in context with people with dementia? Who are these participants now – who will they be in the future?
12.30-13.00: Who decides what design for dementia will look like? Establishing the research (funding and support) agenda (in groups)
13.00-14.00: Lunch – continue work over lunch
14.00-15.00: Establish the research agenda continued. How do we get the agenda taken up
15.00-15.30: Coffee Break, welcome guests
Community partner talk about local projects, plans issues and possibilities?
15.30-16.30: Feedback on research agendas and making it happen.
16.30-17.30: Closing discussion, feedback on workshop, and what next
17:30: optional networking drinks and socialising – offsite


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